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What if?

This story ran just before Christmas in an alternate reality…..

An Auspicious End to Georgia’s 2007 Season

by A. Knonemous

Georgia’s season got off to a dismal start with a loss to South Carolina in only their second game. Rebounding, the Bulldogs won their next three only to come up short against SEC East rival Tennessee. Finishing the season strong, Georgia did not lose another regular season game, including decisive victories over Florida and Auburn. However, because of the loss to Tennessee, Mark Richt’s team was not the SEC East Champion and missed the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta.

In the past, this woeful tale would have ended here, while Georgia would be hoping for an invitation to the Umpty-third Corporation Bowl, in Sunnytown, Somewhere. In the past that would have happened, but thankfully, not this year. This year, the Bulldogs got to finish what they started after that loss to Tennessee and see just how far they could go, this being the first year of NCAA Division 1A football playoffs.

Georgia’s performance was good enough for them to earn an at-large bid for the Southern Region and a pairing against the ACC Champion, Virginia Tech. Georgia defeated the Hokies and moved into the second round match-up with LSU who defeated Florida International from the Sun Belt.

Many fans of college football had been hoping for just this type of match-up. Georgia, locked out of the SEC Championship game due to a midseason loss, against LSU, winner of that game over Tennessee. In the end, a healthy Glenn Dorsey helped limit Knowshon Moreno to just under 100 yards and 1 TD, while Georgia’s defense couldn’t stop the Flynn-Hester duo from connecting twice in the fourth quarter. The second of those being a game winning 6 yd TD.

The 17-13 thriller gave many college football fans what they’ve needed in the past: an answer to the question of “What if?” Although many of those some fans will now entertain the question of what would have happened if Georgia had met LSU in the championship game while Dorsey was still not up to full health, at least we did see the two teams meet instead of just dreaming it might happen someday.
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Yours Truly

This, being the first blog will be a "Get to know me" blog. If you don't like it, sorry.

About me: I'm 31 and live in Birmingham, Al. Not married, but heading down that road. No kids, but still don't ever seem to have money. Go figure. I love college football and have been a fan of the Crimson Tide for as long as I can remember. My aunt moved to Detroit when I was very young and I latched onto Michigan about that time. So I root for them both. If it comes down to it I'm more for Bama than the Maize and Blue, but not by much.

I'm for a playoff in D1 college football, but realistic enough to realize there's too much money made in the bowls for it to change unless the NCAA (aka: the same presidents who rake in the money) demands it. I love March Madness, but couldn't care less about the NBA. I'll watch NFL if it happens to be on. I think the NHL is great, but not as good as it was before they started mucking with it over the past decade(s).

Yes, I'm from the South and I watch NASCAR. I'm still a little miffed that it's no longer the Winston Cup. Jeff Gordon is my favorite driver and I want to see Buckshot Jones make a comeback (which may not be technically possible since he never really "arrived").

That's most of the relevant details as far as sports go. Keep reading and you'll get to know me better over time...
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