Posted on: November 14, 2008 5:14 pm

My Top 25 Picks: Week 12

Alright, I didn't get all my picks posted last week due to work, but I went 16-19, missing Penn State's loss and incorrectly picking Georgia Tech and TCU to pull the upsets.

My record for the year is now 171-40.

#1 Alabama vs Miss St    Alabama
#3 Texas @ Kansas    Texas
#4 Florida vs #25 S Carolina    Florida
#6 USC @ Stanford    USC
#7 Utah @ San Diego St    Utah
#8 Penn St vs Indiana    Penn St
#9 Boise St @ Idaho    Boise St
#10 Georgia @ Auburn    Georgia
#11 Ohio St @ Illinois    Ohio St
#12 Missouri @ Iowa St    Missouri
#13 OK State @ Colorado    OK State
#14 Ball St @ Miami (OH)    Ball St
#16 N Carolina @ Maryland    Maryland
#17 BYU @ Air Force    BYU
#19 FSU vs Boston Col    FSU
#20 LSU vs Troy    LSU
#22 Cincinnati @ Louisville    Cincinnati
#23 Tulsa @ Houston    Tulsa
#24 Wake Forest @ NC State    Wake Forest

I wavered on several of these.  Almost went with Stanford due to their running game and USC hasn't played great on the road.  Louisville looks good against Cincinnati and NC State could possibly top Wake.
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Posted on: November 5, 2008 5:23 pm
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My Top 25 Picks: Week 11

I'm not ready to post all my picks for the weekend, but I'm am going with Ball State tonight.  Northern Illinois has a good squad and may pull an upset, but I don't think it will happen.


Adding TCU and Virginia Tech for tonight.  Upset City here we come.....
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Posted on: October 30, 2008 5:37 pm

My Top 25 Picks: Week 10

Alright, I missed 4 out of 20 last week to be 139-34 on the year.  Several good conference games this week that make for tough choices.

#1 Texas @ #7 Texas Tech          Texas
#2 Alabama vs Arkansas St         Alabama
#4 Oklahoma vs Nebraska          Oklahoma
#5 USC vs Washington                 USC
#6 Georgia vs #8 Florida               Georgia
#9 Ok State vs Iowa St                   Ok State
#10 Utah @ New Mexico               Utah
#11 Boise St @ New Mexico St    Boise St
#13 TCU @ UNLV                           TCU
#14 Missouri @ Baylor                   Missouri
#15 Florida St @ Ga Tech             Ga Tech
#17 Minnesota vs Northwestern   Minnesota
#18 Tulsa @ Arkansas                   Arkansas
#19 LSU vs Tulane                          LSU
#20 BYU @ Colorado St                 BYU
#21 Mich St vs Wisconsin              Mich St
#23 S Florida @ Cincinnati           Cincinnati
#24 Oregon @ Cal                          Cal
#25 U Conn vs W Virginia              W Virginia
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Posted on: October 24, 2008 4:47 pm

My AP 25 picks: Week 9

Sorry, real busy week at work, so no comments this time.

#1 Texas vs #6 OK State                     Texas
#2 Alabama @ Tennessee                Alabama
#3 Penn St @ #9 Ohio St                    Penn St
#4 Oklahoma @ Kansas St               Oklahoma
#5 USC @ Arizona                               USC
#7 Georgia @ #13 LSU                      Georgia
#8 Texas Tech @ #23 Kansas          Texas Tech
#10 Florida vs Kentucky                      Florida
#12 Boise St @ San Jose St             Boise St
#14 TCU vs Wyoming                         TCU
#15 Missouri vs Colorado                  Missouri
#16 S Florida @ Louisville                 S Florida
#17 Pittsburgh vs Rutgers                 Pittsburgh
#18 Ga Tech vs Virginia                     Ga Tech
#19 Tulsa vs UCF                                Tulsa
#20 Ball St vs E Michigan                   Ball St
#21 BYU vs UNLV                                BYU
#22 Northwestern @ Indiana            Northwestern
#24 Minnesota @ Purdue                  Minnesota
#25 Florida St vs Va Tech                  Florida St
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Posted on: October 15, 2008 5:49 pm

My AP 25 picks: Week 8

I survived semi-intact last week.  I got the Texas game but missed the Oklahoma one.  Mississippi State and South Carolina showed signs of life to knock off Vandy and Kentucky respectively, so that messed me up a bit too.

Last week:  14-4
On the year:  109-25

We've got some more good match-ups this week, quite a few of them outside the top 10.  The ACC picture will get either clearer with a Wake Forest win or murkier if they lose.

#1 Texas vs #11 Missouri    Texas
This could be an upset for Texas, but I think they'll stay focused.  Texas' D will give Daniel more of the problems that he experienced last week, he's a prolific passer, but not when the D is in his face.

#2 Alabama vs Ole Miss    Alabama
Ole Miss has already pulled a upset on Florida or else I'd be a bit more worried about this game.  Alabama should come out focused to take care of business.  By showing their hand against Florida I think Ole Miss got Alabama's full attention.

#3 Penn St vs Michigan    Penn St

As much as I love Michigan, this will be an ugly game.  Penn State is looking very much like a team from yesteryear; tough, focused and ready to play every down.  Michigan may make a quarter look interesting, but Penn State will rule the day.

#4 Oklahoma vs #16 Kansas    Oklahoma
Kansas has gotten in trouble early their past two games and Reesing has gotten them out of it.  That won't fly against Oklahoma.

#6 USC @ Washington St    USC
The Hollywood Trojans pull out a scripted win over their cardboard opponent Washington State (1-6, 0-4).

#7 Texas Tech @ Texas A&M    Texas Tech
The Aggies' woeful season continues with a loss to Texas Tech.

#8 Oklahoma State @ Baylor    Okla St
This OSU will have no problems this week, for their northern cousins it will be a different matter.

#9 BYU @ TCU    TCU
One of the tougher picks this week.  BYU is looking great this year, but so is TCU.  I think TCU's defense will give them the edge and the win.

#10 Georgia vs #22 Vandy    Georgia
If Vandy wants to win the SEC East, they'll have to do it here.  However, I see Georgia having no problems dispatching the Commodores.

#12 Ohio St @ #20 Mich St    Mich St
#13 LSU @ S Carolina    LSU
#14 Utah vs Colorado St    Utah
#15 Boise St vs Hawaii    Boise St
#17 Va Tech @ Boston Col    Va Tech
#18 N Carolina @ Virginia    N Carolina
#19 S Florida vs Syracuse    S Florida
#21 Wake Forest @ Maryland    Wake Forest
#23 Pittsburgh @ Navy    Pittsburgh
#24 Ball St -- OFF    n/a
#25 California @ Arizona    California
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Posted on: October 9, 2008 5:54 pm

My AP 25 picks: Week 7

This week has some of the toughest matchups we've yet to see.  Sad to say, I expect my pick record to take some hits.  I pulled off 17 out of 19 last week to put my record at 95-21.

#1 Oklahoma vs #5 Texas    Texas

This pretty much boils down to a guessing game.  Neither team has played a quality opponent this season so there's no good measure for how they will perform against solid competition.  I think Texas' defense will be the better of the two and make the difference in the game.

#3 Missouri vs #17 OK State    Missouri
OK State has an impressive offense, but they won't be able to keep up with the Chase Daniel Show with special guest star Jeremy Maclin.

#4 LSU @ #11 Florida    Florida

Florida only gets one upset at home this year and Ole Miss has already cashed it in.  Look for Miles to have some off the wall play that backfires for a defensive score.

#6 Penn St @ Wisconsin    Penn St
Joe Pa's team is for real this year and will show the Buckeye's how they should've played the game in Madison last week.  Penn State doesn't let Wisconsin hang around in this one.

#7 Texas Tech vs Nebraska    Texas Tech
Another week against a high-powered offense, another loss for Pelini.  Look for less personal fouls from the Cornhuskers though.

#8 USC vs Arizona St    USC
USC will continue to get the analyst's panties wet merely by walking on the field and beating a team they are supposed to.  Somehow this will still make them a better team than all the others that haven't lost a game yet.

#9 BYU vs New Mexico    BYU
The Maniacal Mormons aren't very nice to the Loony Lobos and send them home with a loss.

#10 Georgia vs Tennessee    Georgia
Phil Fulmer is living a nightmare and Tennessee's AD may wake him up from it at the end of the season.  Chalk up one for L for the Volunteers.

#12 Ohio St vs Purdue    Ohio St
#13 Vanderbilt vs Miss St    Vanderbilt
#14 Utah @ Wyoming    Utah
#15 Boise St @ Southern Miss    Boise St
#16 Kansas vs Colorado    Kansas
#20 Auburn vs Arkansas    Auburn
#21 Wake Forest vs Clemson    Clemson
#22 N Carolina vs Notre Dame    N Carolina
#23 Mich St @ Northwestern    Mich St
#25 Ball St @ W Kentucky    Ball St
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Posted on: October 1, 2008 6:20 pm

My AP 25 picks: Week 6

Okay, needless to say I didn't come out too well last weekend, but I did get 10/16 for an overall record of 78-19.

#1 Oklahoma @ Baylor                Oklahoma
No funny business here, Sooners take it to the Bears.

#2 Alabama vs Kentucky              Alabama
Saban may not know or care what Bama is ranked but I bet his players do.  Alabama needs to stay focused as they face the undefeated Wildcats at home.

#4 Missouri @ Nebraska             Missouri
This will be the first defense that Missouri has faced, not necessarily a great defense but a defense none the less.  Missouri should still lead the scoring curve by the end of the game.

#5 Texas @ Colorado                  Texas
Colorado has a good looking team, Texas has a better one.  This game will give some good insight on both squads' capabilities, but the Longhorns should come out on top fairly easily.

#6 Penn St @ Purdue                   Penn St
Joe Pa continues his come back tour with a trip to Indiana.  Look for another statement about why Ohio State won't be winning the Big Ten this year.

#7 Texas Tech @ Kansas St      Texas Tech
Raiders skin Wildcats, film at eleven.

#8 BYU @ Utah St                         BYU
Utah State's first W will be bookended by L's from two rising Mountain West teams.

#9 USC vs #23 Oregon                USC
This game got a lot more intriguing after last week.  It is now entirely within reason to say Oregon might win this, but I think the wrath of Carrol will be visited upon this particular flock of fowl.

#10 S Florida vs Pittsburgh         S Florida
Although South Florida is experiencing some injuries, they're healthy enough to handle Pittsburgh.

#12 Florida @ Arkansas              Florida
#13 Auburn @ #19 Vandy            Vandy
#14 Ohio St @ #18 Wisconsin   Ohio St
#15 Utah vs Oregon St                 Utah
#16 Kansas @ Iowa St                Kansas
#17 Boise St vs La Tech              Boise St
#20 Va Tech vs W Kentucky        Va Tech
#21 Okla St vs Texas A&M          Okla St
#22 Fresno St vs Hawaii             Fresno St
#24 U Conn @ N Carolina          N Carolina
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Posted on: September 26, 2008 5:49 pm

My AP 25 picks: Week 5

Okay, I've been a bit busy and couldn't get them up sooner, but here they are.  The USC pick is late, but I would've definitely picked USC.

#1 USC @ Oregon St                             USC
  Wow, I couldn't have been more wrong.  Congrats to the Beavers and their fans!

#2 Oklahoma vs #24 TCU                    Oklahoma
  This will be a good test for Oklahoma, but I see them handling it pretty well and moving on with ease.

#3 Georgia vs #8 Alabama                   Alabama
  I'll admit it's a homer pick, but if Alabama can control the line like they did against Clemson they can win this game.  If Mount Cody can get to Stafford with regularity it will help the secondary keep up with AJ Green.

#4 Florida vs Ole Miss                           Florida
  Ole Miss puts in a scare but Florida pulls away in the second half.

#5 LSU vs Miss St                                  LSU
   At least it's a fairly short ride back to Starkville.  Not much to look forward to for the Bulldogs this season.

#6 Missouri -- OFF    n/a
  Somehow Chase Daniels still gets 300+ yards of passing this week.

#7 Texas vs Arkansas    Texas
  This may be uglier than the LSU/Miss St game.

#9 Wisconsin @ Michigan    Wisconsin
   Wisconsin gets one in the Big House, much as I hate to see that.  They will lose a game this year, maybe two, but not this one.

#10 Texas Tech -- OFF    n/a
#11 BYU -- OFF    n/a
#12 Penn St vs #22 Illinois    Penn St
#13 S Florida @ NC State    S Florida
#14 Ohio St vs Minnesota    Ohio St
#15 Auburn vs Tennessee    Auburn
#16 Wake Forest vs Navy    Wake Forest
#17 Utah vs Weber St    Utah
#18 Kansas -- OFF    n/a
#19 Boise St -- OFF    n/a
#20 Clemson vs Maryland    Clemson
#21 Vanderbilt -- OFF    n/a
#23 E Carolina vs Houston    E Carolina
#25 Fresno St @ UCLA    Fresno St

Okay, I sucked it up big time last week, and the last minute change to Troy was, well, dumb.  I'm 68-14 on the season after the USC loss last night.
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