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Posted on: July 16, 2008 2:27 pm
Edited on: July 16, 2008 3:45 pm

Teams That Want to Forget 2007

Here are my 10 worst teams of the 2007 season.  I'll reserve judgement for 2008 till they play a down.  Without further ado, from least worst to most worst:

10.  Flash in the Pan:  Alabama Birmingham

    The Blazers have fizzled.  After some decent building seasons and a 7-5 record in 2005, UAB has shown only brief spurts of prowess.  They did lead Mississippi State after three quarters, but fell to pieces in allowing 21 unanswered points in the fourth.

9.  Butterfingers Award:  Northern Illinois
    Proving it’s hard to win if you don’t have the ball, the Huskies raked in 10 losses in 2007.  With a turnover margin of -1.42 (117th in Div 1-A), they didn’t really help themselves much.  At least you can’t call them stingy.

8.  Upward Bound:  UNLV
    Not getting better, having dropped 10 of 12, but maybe looking to move north.  Utah is friendly territory for the Rebels whose two wins were over Utah and Utah State.  They only thing standing in the way of UNLV annexing the state is Brigham Young University, although the Jazz maybe able to handle them too.

7.  Pillow Fight Champ:  Utah State
    The Aggies spent most of the season at a slumber party going 0-10 to start.  However, they proved they could swing a mean pillow and knocked off New Mexico State and Idaho to finish out.

6.  Most Misunderstood:  North Texas
    By “Mean Green” maybe they meant “Average Environmentalists”.  North Texas won their claim to the Lone Star Cellar outright in 2007.  But they did beat Louisiana-Monroe who gave Alabama the what-for.

5.  I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up:  Southern Methodist
    While the Mustangs did boast the best punter in C-USA, they also had a total defense ranking of 116th in the nation, not a good combination.  They did beat North Texas to keep out of the Lone Star Cellar though.

4.  Most Likely to Finish Last:  Idaho
    The Vandals managed to steal the “Worst of the WAC” title from Utah State by losing gloriously to the Aggies in the final game of the season.  But by ambushing those pretty boys from Cal Poly in game two, they stayed away from “Winless of the WAC”.

3.  Favorite Team Destination:  Florida International
    They may not be an impressive out of conference schedule filler, but hey, they are in Florida.  Bring your team on down to whip up on these boys and catch some rays all at the same time!!

2.  Big Ten’s Goofy Lil Brother:  Minnesota
    The Golden Gophers were able to escape a winless season by pulling out a stunning overtime victory over Miami (of Ohio) in their second game.  With that win secured, they were able to coast through the rest of the season confident they didn’t have a goose-egg in the W column.

1.  King of the Cellar:  Duke
    Okay, so they aren’t exactly a football school, but no one can touch their flair for losing.  By winning their third game of the season Duke snapped a 22 game losing streak that dated back to a tromping by Virginia in 2005.  The Blue Devils have won 8 of 58 games in the past five years.
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